Apology to STELLAR 8 SDB BHD (formally known as MIDAS PROSPERITY SDN BHD)

Updated 1 November 2021

I, Tan Jun Ying (NRIC No: xxxxxx-xx-5947), have on 27 February 2021 posted in the public forums on the google website and on SCAM.MY several statements regarding Stellar 8 Sdn Bhd (formally known as Midas Prosperity Sdn Bhd)('Stellar 8') and its duties and obligations as a developer ('the Statements').

I have duly retracted the unfounded Statements on or around 13 April 2021 and hereby unconditionally apologize to Stellar 8 for any undue hurt, insults, and embarrassment caused by the Statements. I promise to immediately cease and desist from repeating the Statements and/or any further similar remarks about Stellar 8 on any social media platforms.

I recognize that Stellar 8 is a reputable company which has always upheld its duties and obligations with full integrity at all material times.

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